End of the Year Reflections

11 Dec, 2018

It seems nearly impossible that 2019 is just around the corner. As we wave good-bye to 2018, we are overcome with gratitude of all that God has done in and through Your Options Medical! Here are just a few reasons to rejoice and praise God for what He has done...

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Never Underestimate an Unexpected Pregnancy

03 Dec, 2018

At Christmas time, we tend to pause and reflect on what this season truly means. Is it all about hosting the best parties, offering the most beautifully wrapped gifts, being invited to the top most-attended celebrations, and getting all of our shopping done without going clinically insane? Of course, we...

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“Adoption was my Life-Saver”

19 Nov, 2018

I was pregnant at 16, a sophomore in high school. My mom was raising me on her own, working as hard as she could to put food on the table. I had just ended an abusive relationship, filled with cheating and manipulation. I took the last $10 my mother had...

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She Chose Adoption

05 Nov, 2018

My name is Ellen.  I am 20 years old and originally from Thailand.  I came to the United States to study.  During my time here, I met a man who seemed to be very nice.  We dated for a few months, but I noticed that he was very controlling and...

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We Will Never Forget

11 Sep, 2018

“We Will Never Forget” These words remind us of the tragedy that occurred in our country several years ago when thousands of United States citizens lost their lives after a horrific attack in New York City on September 11th 2001. We will never forget the lives lost that day and...

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Did You Know?

11 Jul, 2018

Many people who know abortion to be wrong do not know how abortions are performed. When I share with people the methods that are used to end the lives of the unborn, they are astonished. My reason in sharing is not to guilt those who have had a hand in...

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Men and Abortion: Part 2

25 Jun, 2018

Despite the fact that abortion is an issue that regards everyone -- male and female, old and young, etc -- the topic is primarily regarded by society as one that only pertains to women. In previous blog entries, we have already established that this does not really make sense, especially...

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Men & Abortion: Part 1

19 Jun, 2018

Father’s day is a day designated to express appreciation for all the great fathers out there and with the day quickly approaching, most people will probably be going out to the store to buy a gift for dad. A typical Father’s Day might be spent in the backyard during a...

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Love at First Sight

01 Feb, 2018

Do you believe in love at first sight? I know, I know it sounds somewhat cheesy. Love at first sight…I mean, how can you choose to love someone at the very first moment your eyes have beheld said person? How can one just instantly know that they will put this...

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Abortion: Everyone’s Issue

02 Jan, 2018

A couple days ago, I was at a forum on my college campus where some of the club leaders were debriefing current events and news regarding their particular club. Each time the president of a club went up to the stage, the numerous Student Government representatives would ask them a...

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