Why Should Our Services Be Free?

25 Mar, 2019

As a non-profit organization, Your Options Medical is proud to reach out to women and families who are facing unexpected pregnancies and seeking compassionate support. Our mission is simple: to create a culture of life by serving those who would otherwise turn to abortion. We often receive a question, however,...

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Why Do We Talk About Abortion?

11 Mar, 2019

A common question that we get from our supporters is: “If you are a pro-life organization, then why do you talk with your patients about abortion?” Let us explain why it’s relevant. Unfortunately, today in the United States, a pregnant woman has three legal options regarding the outcome of her...

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Why Schedule an Ultrasound Before an Abortion

04 Mar, 2019

You may have heard that having an ultrasound prior to an abortion is important, but you may not know why. At Your Options Medical, we encourage all expectant mothers to book an ultrasound appointment, even if they are planning to have an abortion. Other organizations will tell women that an...

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Post-Abortion Support

28 Jan, 2019

Your Options Medical provides several services to our patients. One of these services includes post-abortion support groups. We know that abortion hurts women, harms men, and destroys families. However, we also know that no sin is unforgivable or beyond the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we offer those who...

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Men and Abortion: Part 2

25 Jun, 2018

Despite the fact that abortion is an issue that regards everyone -- male and female, old and young, etc -- the topic is primarily regarded by society as one that only pertains to women. In previous blog entries, we have already established that this does not really make sense, especially...

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Men & Abortion: Part 1

19 Jun, 2018

Father’s day is a day designated to express appreciation for all the great fathers out there and with the day quickly approaching, most people will probably be going out to the store to buy a gift for dad. A typical Father’s Day might be spent in the backyard during a...

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