Why Do We Talk About Abortion?

11 Mar, 2019


A common question that we get from our supporters is: “If you are a pro-life organization, then why do you talk with your patients about abortion?” Let us explain why it’s relevant.

Unfortunately, today in the United States, a pregnant woman has three legal options regarding the outcome of her pregnancy:

  1. Abortion
  2. Adoption
  3. Parenting.

Though these three options are not morally equal, they are legal in our country. Many women in our state are seeking abortion. In fact, over 20,000 children are aborted annually in the state of Massachusetts. If abortion is legal, many women are choosing abortion, and our goal is to spare women and children from the pain of abortion, then we must be a resource of truth on this  topic. If a woman wants an abortion, and we cannot offer her the information she is seeking, why would she feel the need to come to us?

Here’s Why We Talk About Abortion

 We provide  relevant, truthful information about abortion that women may not get anywhere else. Even when patients choose not to see an ultrasound at Your Options, we teach them how abortion procedures are performed, and often patients are mortified when educated. Sometimes, this alone is the reason they reject abortion.

A Woman’s Concern (d.b.a. Your Options Medical) was established in Boston in 1991 to “protect the rights of the unborn and their parents.” This is done by upholding the value of the life of the unborn, while offering their mothers the truth they deserve to know. Women who have had abortions share how prior to the procedure, they received no information regarding how the procedure is done and discussing any potential risks involved.

If a woman is going for a medical procedure, we know she deserves the facts on how the procedure is done and any risks involved in the procedure. When women are seeking an abortion, they need to answer these vital questions:

  • Am I really pregnant?
  • How far along am I?
  • Do I have any miscarriage risk factors?
  • Is the pregnancy viable (is the fetal heartbeat detectable)?
  • Is the pregnancy developing in the uterus?
  • Do I have an STD/STI?

Before having an abortion, a woman needs the answers to these questions. When we offer her the needed medical services and information she seeks along with information regarding abortion procedures and risks, she sees the relevance of the services offered by Your Options Medical. When we give women seeking an abortion the truth, we can rest in knowing that they have been fully informed prior to making a decision. Ultrasounds help women realize the truth of the reality that the life growing inside their womb is a viable, human life worthy of protecting.

The abortion procedure and risks information affirms the truth about abortion: that it is harmful to women and their children.

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