Patient Stories

I'm over 40 years old. I'm anxious about the baby's health. My financial situation is unstable. If I have this baby, I will have to take off work, which will mean taking a pay cut temporarily. My husband does not want kids - he won't be pleased. 

These were the overwhelming worries running through Lisa's mind as she considered her current pregnancy. When she and her husband, Nate, came to Your Options Medical for her initial appointment, she expressed these concerns with her advocate. Her husband then said, "I'm worried I won't be able to provide enough for the baby." After receiving our vital resources, Lisa and Nate scheduled a follow-up appointment and returned home to discuss their situation. 

A few weeks later, Lisa and Nate returned for their follow-up appointment, bearing wonderful news. "We have decided to keep our baby! We're so happy." Lisa and Nate welcomed their beautiful baby into the world a few months later and they are all doing well! 

Alicia came to Your Options Medical completely distraught. She just found out she was pregnant and her husband was not happy. He told her he did not want their child and if she did not have an abortion, he would kick her out. She did not want to have an abortion, but she did not know where to turn.  

At Your Options, Alicia was given information not only about her pregnancy but also support services including information on housing. She was reassured that if she had this baby, Your Options staff would help provide support and resources along the way. After seeing her baby on the ultrasound, Alicia felt confident she could have this baby and that God would take care of them. She explained that coming to Your Options was like “heaven here on earth”. 

God blessed Alicia with a healthy, vibrant little boy, Kaden and though her husband was unsure about having a baby he and Alicia have stayed together. She prays her husband will come to know and love Jesus.  

Pregnant. Moesha had just taken a pregnancy test and was somewhat surprised by the positive result. She had been nauseous for days but half-hoped it was just stress. As she stared at the test, she felt shock, excitement, fear, anxiety all at once. Could she really be pregnant already? She had only been with her boyfriend, Alec a few months.  

Moesha set up an appointment with Your Options Medical and Alec went with her for the ultrasound. They watched in amazement as their baby moved about the screen and smiled when the nurse pointed out a strong heartbeat. She shared that Alec and her family were very supportive, but she was still nervous at the thought of being a mom.  

Despite the hardships Moesha faced, she gave her daughter, Mila the most precious gift: the gift of life. Recently, Moesha shared with our staff that if she had not come to Your Options, she’s not sure she would have had her little girl.