Patient Stories

Jordan came to our center suspecting that she was pregnant. When the test came back positive, she was filled with an overwhelming amount of anxiety. 

Jordan was a recent high school graduate, so this felt like the absolute worst timing to have a baby. She had no idea how she would take care of a child given her circumstances, but at the same time, she was not sure if she could go through with an abortion.

Given how much our society pressures and outright encourages students to choose abortion, it is not surprising how conflicted Jordan would be in this situation. Colleges and universities nationwide are even going as far as to provide contraception, Morning After Pills, and abortion pills for students on their campuses. The accessibility of abortion resources for young students is increasing dramatically. 

This is why opening a center in Brookline was so essential - being right in the center of the abortion district, we are able to reach students in our vicinity and offer them vital resources and lifesaving support that they are not receiving on their campuses. 

After Jordan’s initial appointment at Your Options Medical, a few weeks later, she called our center to share that she had decided to keep her baby! After discussing the situation with her partner and feeling supported overall, she was now very excited about being a new mom. This Spring, she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Gisele.

Scarlett was angry when she saw the positive pregnancy test in her hand. Angry at life for throwing yet another unexpected surprise at her. She already had a young daughter she was raising - to have another baby now seemed impossible. 

It is understandable that Scarlett would perceive her situation as impossible, for that is what today’s culture drills into the minds of young girls and women nationwide.

You should put your career first. If you're struggling to raise one child, you can't successfully raise another. This is what society has to say to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies. Today's culture encourages women to choose abortion at the first sign of a challenge, so it is not surprising that Scarlett would feel overwhelmed in her situation.

When she came to Your Options Medical, however, she was offered vital resources and services that helped her realize her situation was not impossible. Scarlett had initially wanted to learn more about abortion, but after seeing her baby on the ultrasound monitor, she was no longer filled with anxiety over raising another child. Instead, she was now excited over the thought of her daughter having a little sibling to play with. Several months later, Scarlett welcomed her sweet baby boy, Ian, into their family.

By choosing to support Your Options Medical, you help countless women in challenging situations feel empowered and encouraged to choose life for their babies. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers.

Maya was pregnant and grappled with fear over the thought of having a baby soon. She was still a student and had only been with her partner, Andrew, for three months. At her young age, she had not even given much thought to having children yet. Thankfully, Andrew said he would be supportive no matter what decision she made, but she was still unsure of what she was going to do. 

In today's culture, if a young girl gets pregnant, it is not uncommon to hear ideologies stating, "you are a student, you cannot successfully get a degree and raise a child at the same time." If a woman is starting her own business and unexpectedly gets pregnant, our society says, "You will not be successful at both. You should put your career first."

If a young girl gets pregnant, society tells her she only has two choices: forfeit her career, plans and aspirations or have an abortion. It has to be one or the other, she cannot do both.

However, Maya came to Your Options Medical and was empowered to recognize that she absolutely could do both. At Your Options Medical, we help our patients explore their opportunities so they can see that they have more options available to them. Contrary to what our society says, abortion is not their only choice. They can continue to study and raise a child; they can pursue their career and dreams, while lovingly raising a family. 

While our society seems to assume that women cannot manage to do both, we know that the vast majority of our patients have proven otherwise - Maya being one of them.

Just a few weeks after their initial ultrasound appointment with us, Maya and Andrew showed up at our center with big smiles on their faces. They had decided to keep their baby and were excited to welcome their child into the world.

This is why your support is so important; it allows us to continue to empower women with lifesaving services and save more lives! Thank you so much!