Patient Stories

Millie was scared.

She had just taken a pregnancy test and the result was clear: positive. “What is David going to think? Will he leave me?"

She felt it was more than she could handle and decided to have an abortion.

After searching the internet and finding Your Options Medical, she reached out to us to learn more about the procedure. She quickly made an appointment for an ultrasound. 

At the appointment, she shared with the advocate how she was nervous about being pregnant. The advocate explained all of her options to Millie and as she listened, she started to think she could not have an abortion. She wanted this baby and David said he would support her no matter what she decided. David’s main concern was about financially supporting her and the baby, but Millie, for the first time, felt like she could do this. 

During the ultrasound, Millie struggled to keep her breathing steady. She was nervous and excited and then it happened…for the first time Millie heard her baby’s heartbeat! She began to cry. The tears welled as her baby appeared on the screen. She knew she could not have an abortion. She shared with our staff that she was going to have this baby! She would protect, care for and love her baby by giving her child LIFE! 

Taylor was shocked when she saw the positive pregnancy test.

She already had two little girls and was raising them all on her own. How am I going to be able to take care of another child? Anxious and unsure of whether she was going to be able to do this, she considered having an abortion. After a quick internet search, she found Your Options Medical and contacted us to set up an appointment and learn more about her options.

During her appointment, her advocate informed her about all of her options and mentioned adoption. Taylor responded, “if I were to go through with my pregnancy, I would want to keep my baby.” This got her thinking about her past experiences and after her ultrasound, she opened up and spoke of how she had gone to an abortion clinic before when she was expecting her now two year-old daughter.

Being unable to go through with an abortion then, she realized she could not go through with it this time either. Feeling encouraged and supported, she told her advocate that she had decided to continue her pregnancy and keep her baby. 

Jasmine was shocked to find a positive pregnancy test.

She clearly remembered taking the Morning After Pill, but it seemed to have failed in preventing her pregnancy. She was already a mother to three kids and on top of that, she had also recently started her own business. She simply did not have time for another baby. “There’s no way I can do this. I do not want to have another baby right now.”

Having had a few abortions in the past, she was interested in taking the Abortion Pill this time around. She scheduled an appointment at Your Options Medical to learn more about the process. At her first appointment, Jasmine expressed that she wanted to see if she was still early enough in her pregnancy to be able to administer the Abortion Pill.

During her ultrasound, however, Jasmine was quiet and contemplative. Afterward, she expressed she did not feel very well and went home to discuss the pregnancy with her husband.

At her follow-up appointment with us, Jasmine brought her husband along with her. They excitedly shared they had decided to keep their baby and continue with their pregnancy. Upon seeing their baby on the ultrasound, they were both amazed at how much their baby moved.

“I didn’t expect to see a little baby so early in the pregnancy,” her husband said, looking at the ultrasound screen in awe. 

Several months later, they shared the news that they had welcomed their baby girl into the world!

"We named her Juliette. We are all doing great!"