Focus on the Family Matching Grant

Our matching campaign sponsored by Focus on the Family has officially come to an end!

Focus on the Family awarded us $3,000 a month for a total of $36,000 for one full year of advertising. We needed your help to ensure that we received the full $3,000 every month, because the award was contingent upon us raising matching dollars. For every dollar you gave, Focus on the Family would match up to $3,000 every month – dollar for dollar.  

Our goal was to raise $36,000 by August 17th and we are THRILLED to announce that we surpassed our goal and raised over $45,000!

We cannot thank our donors enough for the outpouring of support we received during this campaign. This will give us the opportunity to double our advertising budget in order to reach MORE women and SAVE more lives! The vast majority of our patients — over 75% — find our centers through our digital advertising.

This means your support will enable us to reach more women in need of our services and save more babies’ lives!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

More Updates

On April 14th, we officially opened our Brookline center! Check out the video below for a first look at our new center!

On March 22nd, our nurses were trained on a brand new ultrasound sent from Mission Pre-born for our Brookline center! We are so thankful for the support from organizations like Mission Pre-born, as well as the diligence and dedication of our nurses on staff.

Other Ways To Support Us

Choose Life Massachusetts recently gave us a New Center Grant of five-thousand dollars! We are so thankful for the immense support we have received for our new Brookline center. When you get a Choose Life license plate, a portion of the funds from vehicle registrations are sent to Choose Life Massachusetts and disbursed as grants to life-affirming pregnancy centers, like Your Options Medical, in Massachusetts. Please visit their website to learn how to purchase your plate!