Real Stories, Real Life

15 Jul, 2019

Last week, you read about our Mobile Ultrasound Unit. If you missed the blog, read it here. This week, we would like to share with you a couple stories of women who received services on the Mobile Unit and changed their mind from abortion to life. In these testimonies, while...

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The Game Changer: MOBILE

08 Jul, 2019

At Your Options Medical, we do everything in our power to be able to reach women with our services. Our desire is to see them first so that we can give them the truth and offer them hope. That is why you, our donors, helped us purchase a Mobile Ultrasound...

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God, Bless America

01 Jul, 2019

When the 4th of July comes around, America gets pretty excited. Talk about family cookouts, fireworks and American flags galore. When the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, our country officially declared its independence from Great Britain and thus, invoked a great amount of national...

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Does a Father Have Rights?

17 Jun, 2019

In the state of Massachusetts, parental rights can be a complex topic. With the government’s greater involvement in the lives of its citizens, it’s important we’re aware of how current law will impact the rights of parents.   The assumption often is that no matter the situation, both mother and...

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My Encounter with a Teen Dad

10 Jun, 2019

Today, I want to share with you a story that inspired me. This encounter energized me and reminded me that even the most unexpected occurrence in life can bring out the best in us. The unplanned shows us what we are truly made of, from a stressful situation on the...

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Father of the Baby: How Men Impact a Woman’s Choice

03 Jun, 2019

Oftentimes men are told to stay out of the conversation when it comes to women’s reproductive health, rights, and restrictions. However, the fact is that men do have an impact upon the woman’s decision as she chooses between carrying her pregnancy and abortion, whether that be a direct or indirect...

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God’s Role for Mom

28 May, 2019

A child needs both his parents - mom and dad both matter. As expressed throughout Scripture, each parent contributes to the life and growth of their child uniquely and each parent holds specific roles to do so.   But having just celebrated Mother’s Day this month, we reflect on the...

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Mom, You ARE Doing This!

13 May, 2019

Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is a privilege and honor. We want to encourage all the moms out there who may be struggling and need to be reminded of how important your job is as a mom. You are making a difference. Being a mother is hard, but...

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I was a Teen Mom

06 May, 2019

I was Catholic. I was in high school. I was on my way to becoming a nurse. I was pregnant. I was smart. I knew the risk of getting pregnant, but being young and unwise, I made some decisions. I regret those decisions, but I now see how God has...

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Healing After Abortion: True Testimonies

25 Apr, 2019

One of the support services offered by Your Options Medical is post-abortion support groups. This groups take participants through a Bible Study in order to help provide the group with the opportunity to replace the shame and guilt they may feel from a past abortion with forgiveness and healing through...

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