Adoption Plans: Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption

11 Nov, 2019

At Your Options Medical, our job is to educate each patient on the truth about each of their three legal pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Many of our patients are hesitant to discuss adoption as there seems to be some negative connotations surrounding adoption. Today, we will discuss some...

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“I had nothing, but they gave me hope!”

04 Nov, 2019

I Had Nothing, But They Gave Me Hope. My name is Ellen.  I am 20 years old and originally from Thailand.  I came to the United States to study.  During my time here, I met a man who seemed to be very nice.  We dated for a few months, but...

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Domestic Violence & Abortion

28 Oct, 2019

Every day, countless women are subjected to horrible abuse and rendered victims of domestic violence. In many cases, a woman might find herself experiencing an unexpected pregnancy through her abuser. In this particular situation, feelings of horror, trepidation and hopelessness may take prevalence. Others tell her that if she were...

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The Ripple Effects of Abortion

21 Oct, 2019

Abortion. Such a small word with incredible impact. Saying this short word has the power to silence a room full of people. This word has the power to divide families and tear apart what were once deep friendships. Practicing it has the power to wipe out generations. I should know--...

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Can I Help if I Had an Abortion?

07 Oct, 2019

Some women who have experienced an abortion are later compelled to combat abortion. They have experienced firsthand the reality of the heartbreak and pain that abortion causes women. They may want to help spread the truth about abortion in order to save other women the life-long pain they previously experienced....

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Rape & Choosing Life

01 Oct, 2019

As previously mentioned, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Here at Your Options Medical we are striving to shed light on domestic violence and spread awareness of this growing issue. Check out our previous blog on this subject. We know that often times, pro-abortionists will use the argument that abortion...

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Parenting Classes: Fatherhood Series

30 Sep, 2019

As we strive to serve women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies, Your Options provides patients with the opportunity to take our free parenting classes. These classes cover a wide range of topics such as fetal development, tips to help prepare for baby’s homecoming, infant care, safety information, and more. One...

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Sexual Risk Avoidance vs. Sexual Risk Reduction

23 Sep, 2019

Educators and school administrators have debated for years about what methods work best to teach youth about human sexuality. As we determine how to best educate our children and teens on these issues, we must first evaluate what educators are presenting as options. Currently, there are two primary angles that...

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Is Planned Parenthood Teaching Your Children?

16 Sep, 2019

Known for its championing of abortion, Planned Parenthood is infamous among pro-life advocates. But did you know that Planned Parenthood is working to infiltrate our children’s schools as well?   The Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ Get Real sex education curriculum is already being used in many schools throughout Massachusetts....

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Parenting Class: Labor & Delivery

09 Sep, 2019

At Your Options Medical, we offer our pregnant patients ongoing education in order to equip them for their new journey of parenting. These classes cover a wide range of topics from what to eat and avoid during pregnancy, distinguishing and understanding your baby’s different cries, basic infant emergency response information,...

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