Did You Know?

20 Jan, 2020


Many people who know abortion to be wrong do not know how abortions are performed. When I share with people the methods that are used to end the lives of the unborn, they are astonished. My reason in sharing is not to guilt those who have had a hand in an abortion, but to educate those of us who defend the unborn in order to move us to further action.


There are multiple abortion methods:

  • The Abortion Pill (RU-486): Pills taken to end the life of the baby and expel the baby from the uterus.
  • Surgical Abortion (D&C and D&E): A surgery to end the life of the baby and remove the baby from the uterus.


PLEASE NOTE: There is a reversal for the Abortion Pill and we have seen firsthand at Your Options Medical how the Abortion Pill reversal saves lives, praise God!


If you have never learned how abortion procedures are done, I encourage you to click on the “Video Explanations” link below and watch the videos. This is not a graphic video; it is a digital animation displaying procedures in order to educate the public on how the abortions are performed. The procedures are explained by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino. Hallelujah, he is a FORMER abortionist!!

Video Explanations

We have found at Your Options Medical, that when the nurses explain these procedures many of our patients begin to change their mind, resisting abortion and leaning towards choosing life. Many women do not even realize how these procedures are done and what the procedures entail. Oftentimes, these explanations are one of the key factors that contribute to a woman’s decision not to have an abortion.

At Your Options Medical, it is our goal to educate and empower women to choose life. We endeavor to provide not only medical services such as pregnancy testing and ultrasound, but also options counseling which includes information on all three legal options women have when facing an unexpected pregnancy: Adoption, Parenting, and Abortion. When women are shown how an abortion procedure is done in simple, medical terms, they begin to see the truth about abortion and will oftentimes make the decision to carry their baby. Praise God!