Leah’s Story: “Look at me, I’m fine!”

10 Apr, 2020


Leah came to Your Options Medical to find out how far along she was in her pregnancy. She also wanted to talk about her options. She was feeling a mixture of emotions and was uncertain of what to do. She did not want to be pregnant.

She had been feeling sick and decided to take a home pregnancy test.  The results were not something that she was expecting, positive. She felt completely overwhelmed as many women do when they find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Leah had been pregnant 7 times before. She had one previous abortion, two miscarriages and four born children ranging in ages from 2-10 years-old. She had recently received a promotion at her job and needed to be able to lift up to 50 pounds. How was she to manage the workload while pregnant? Leah was very conflicted with her feelings about the pregnancy. She did not know what to do.

She shared that during the ultrasound scan, she looked intensely at the images and saw her baby moving around and waving her arms. Leah shared that she had connected with her baby and felt almost like this little one was telling her “Look at me, I’m fine!” This brought relief to Leah and made her feel better about her concerns of another possible miscarriage. After this incredible ultrasound experience, Leah said she made up her mind and she was having the baby! She would keep her child and parent her. It would be hard, but so worthwhile!

Leah later gave birth to her daughter, Sophia. Her mother described her as “perfect.”