Father of the Baby: How Men Impact a Woman’s Choice

03 Jun, 2019

Oftentimes men are told to stay out of the conversation when it comes to women’s reproductive health, rights, and restrictions. However, the fact is that men do have an impact upon the woman’s decision as she chooses between carrying her pregnancy and abortion, whether that be a direct or indirect...

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God’s Role for Mom

28 May, 2019

A child needs both his parents - mom and dad both matter. As expressed throughout Scripture, each parent contributes to the life and growth of their child uniquely and each parent holds specific roles to do so.   But having just celebrated Mother’s Day this month, we reflect on the...

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Mom, You ARE Doing This!

13 May, 2019

Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is a privilege and honor. We want to encourage all the moms out there who may be struggling and need to be reminded of how important your job is as a mom. You are making a difference. Being a mother is hard, but...

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I was a Teen Mom

06 May, 2019

I was Catholic. I was in high school. I was on my way to becoming a nurse. I was pregnant. I was smart. I knew the risk of getting pregnant, but being young and unwise, I made some decisions. I regret those decisions, but I now see how God has...

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Healing After Abortion: True Testimonies

25 Apr, 2019

One of the support services offered by Your Options Medical is post-abortion support groups. This groups take participants through a Bible Study in order to help provide the group with the opportunity to replace the shame and guilt they may feel from a past abortion with forgiveness and healing through...

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Amy’s Story Part 2

18 Apr, 2019

Miss Part 1 of Amy’s story? Read it here! Even though I was pretty sure I was pregnant, I wanted to take a test. I was scared to go buy one. I lived in a town where everyone knew someone who knew you, and I feared someone would see me...

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Amy’s Story Part 1

11 Apr, 2019

For some, senior year of high school is a happy time. There is senior prom and graduation to look forward to and senior portraits for the yearbook. I remember the day my senior portrait was taken. My smile was big and bright with hope for the future, but I wasn’t...

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The Impact YOU are Making

04 Apr, 2019

These are just a few of the patients that have been positively impacted by Your Options Medical. April is known as National Hope Month. As you read these stories, we hope that you will have a better understanding of what your donations help to accomplish. There are many more stories...

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Why Should Our Services Be Free?

25 Mar, 2019

As a non-profit organization, Your Options Medical is proud to reach out to women and families who are facing unexpected pregnancies and seeking compassionate support. Our mission is simple: to create a culture of life by serving those who would otherwise turn to abortion. We often receive a question, however,...

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Why Do We Talk About Abortion?

11 Mar, 2019

A common question that we get from our supporters is: “If you are a pro-life organization, then why do you talk with your patients about abortion?” Let us explain why it’s relevant. Unfortunately, today in the United States, a pregnant woman has three legal options regarding the outcome of her...

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