Celebrating Mothers: The Heart of the Ministry

04 May, 2021


Last year, over 130 moms chose life for their baby after receiving the free services that our donors make possible. Despite majority of society telling them abortion is their only option, these brave mothers overcame challenging circumstances to make the decision to parent their child. 

Isabel’s Story

Isabel, a high school senior, came to us when she learned she was pregnant. She and the baby’s father were afraid of how their parents would react and thought having an abortion without telling them was the best thing to do. However, when Isabel had her ultrasound, she started to cry. Now that she had seen her baby, she could not go through with an abortion. 

They came back for a second appointment, attended our parenting classes and in March of 2020, they had their baby boy, Josian. Isabel’s advocate delivered a Welcome Baby Gift to her home, which consisted of diapers, clothing, baby toys, a knitted blanket, gifts for mom and more. She was greeted by a very proud, new mom who thanked her and said, “I just love my baby so much and cannot imagine my life without him in it.” 

Encouraging Mothers through Parenting Classes

At Your Options Medical, we not only endeavor to protect the precious unborn babies, but we are also devoted to serving their dear mothers as well. Moms and babies are truly the heart of the ministry. With the help of our donors, we not only offer pregnancy testing and ultrasound at completely no cost to our patients, we also empower mothers with life-changing support by offering parenting classes, options counseling, material support and more. 

With topics ranging from prenatal information and labor and delivery, to single parenting and infant care, our parenting classes provide education that equips mothers with the information and resources they need to make a positive impact on their children.

Hear how our parenting classes have impacted mothers:

“This is an excellent resource for learning your options, working through concerns, and learning about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The staff are always there to listen and support you. They even provide incentives for things like diapers, wipes, bottles and baby clothes.” -Brittany M.

“These classes really helped us a lot to become better parents.” -Robin T.

“Very kind people willing to meet and provide material for some of the hardest topics. My experience here saved me from more pain and helped me to be a better mom.” -Christine A.

When experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, making the decision to parent a child can be daunting and scary, but our classes encourage and empower moms to know they are not alone in this journey — we will be with them every step of the way. Even after the baby is born, we are dedicated to these moms, providing welcome baby gifts, baby items and more. To learn more about our parenting classes, click here

Nearly Sixty Welcome Baby Gifts Given to New Moms

Because of our donors’ generous gifts in baby items such as, diapers, wipes and clothing, we were able to give out around sixty Welcome Baby Gifts to new moms last year. During a time when many families were struggling to make ends meet, our donors helped us provide support to those in need. 

“Just when I was on my last few diapers for my newborn son, Jaxon, and stressing over having to buy more since I haven’t been able to work because of COVID, Your Options called me and offered to deliver a Welcome Baby Gift with a big box of diapers. I was so grateful, I cried.”

– A grateful mom. 

In honor of this Mother’s Day and the 130+ moms who courageously chose life for their babies last year, would you bless one of our moms with a word of encouragement or a favorite Scripture verse? It would mean so much to them. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support for our patients.