Why Opening a Center in Brookline is Crucial

01 Mar, 2021


Since the recent passing of the R.O.E Act (Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access), Massachusetts citizens who value the life of the unborn are asking themselves, “now what?” Although pro-life champions will continue to do everything they can at the state level to prevent more radical abortion laws from being passed, the future is very unclear to many pro-life citizens. 

Our new center located at 1180 Beacon Street in Brookline, presents a powerful opportunity to take bold action and offer life-affirming services and support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy – right in Boston’s abortion district.  

Nearly 60% of Abortions in MA Occur in Boston 

In 2019, the total number of abortions performed in Massachusetts was a staggering 18,593. And this number only includes the abortions performed in hospitals and clinics; it does not factor in the abortions that took place in private doctors’ offices.  

Out of the total abortion procedures, over ten-thousand of those abortions occurred in the city of Boston, making it the region with the highest number of abortions. This means more than ten-thousand mothers and fathers felt like abortion was their only option. 

Opening a Center Right in the Abortion District 

Over six-thousand abortions were performed at Planned Parenthood’s Boston location, located only a mile away from our new center. 

Records show that one of the highest at-risk populations for abortion are women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, a demographic that is highly represented in the Boston area.  

And with the recent passing of the R.O.E Act now allowing girls as young as sixteen years old to seek an abortion without their parents’ consent, the stakes have never been higher. Our new Brookline center will extend our reach to a new population in vital need of our services. 

We Can Help 

Many women and couples often feel helpless and believe that abortion is their only option. At Your Options Medical, we are committed to serving those in need of help, hope and healing. Being the only medically-licensed pregnancy center in Eastern Massachusetts, we not only conduct life-saving ultrasounds with medically trained nurses on staff, but we also have access to a network of medical professionals to whom we can refer our future Brookline patients. And because of our donors, we are able to offer these life-saving services to our patients at completely no cost. 

An unplanned pregnancy presents numerous challenges for moms and dads, but at Your Options Medical, our patients are supported throughout their pregnancy with parenting classes, resources, help setting up health insurance and more.  

We are thankful for the opportunity to reach even more women and couples through our new Brookline center.