Anya’s Story: New Home, New Baby, How Could This All Work Out?

16 Apr, 2020


Anya came to Your Options Medical with her husband feeling overwhelmed. Her family had recently moved to America where the culture was very different to what she was experiencing here. Crossing an ocean and leaving home with her small family was already an intimidating task. On top of that, she was pregnant.

Anya’s husband, George, is a doctor back home and was studying to become licensed in the U.S. During this time, he had taken a significant pay cut in order to do his best in providing for his family during his studies. Unfortunately, they were still struggling financially. God brought them to Your Options Medical where they found fellow Christians who provided love and support during these uncertain times.

Additionally, Your Options was able to provide this family with material items needed for a new baby. George and Anya were overwhelmed with gratitude not only for the diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies, but with the unconditional love, peace, and joy they experienced as soon as they entered the doors of Your Options Medical! They have continued to stay in touch and stop by Your Options to give updates on how their new son, Ezekiel, is progressing.

Recently, George came by with a small donation in order to “pay it forward” for all the help and support he and his family received. He says that someday when he is licensed here in America, he would like to be involved with Your Options to help families in need. Anya and George know that God used Your Options Medical to remind them of His faithfulness.