Everleigh’s Story: We Have No Choice, We Can’t be Parents Yet.

16 Apr, 2020


Everleigh was terrified. After taking a pregnancy test at home it confirmed her worst fears: she was pregnant. Her parents would be so disappointed, would they kick her out of their house? How could she possibly afford a baby? She could not do this.

After talking with her boyfriend, Eric, they agreed that neither of them were ready to be parents. Everleigh began to research the abortion pill and found information on Your Options Medical. She booked an appointment with Your Options to receive pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and time with a nurse to answer her questions regarding the abortion pill. At her appointment, the sonographer confirmed that Everleigh was indeed pregnant…with TWINS! The nurse encouraged her to talk with her parents since she had such a strong relationship with them. Everleigh and Eric then spent time talking with the Advocate who encouraged the couple to follow the nurses recommendation and come back for a follow-up ultrasound to confirm if the pregnancy was progressing as it should and to talk with their families.

At the time of her second ultrasound, the sonographer confirmed the pregnancy was developing as expected. Everleigh confirmed that she made the decision to carry her babies. She shared the news of this pregnancy with her family and was shocked by their supportive response. Not only did her parents not kick her out, they completely remodeled their basement to create a place for Everleigh to care and nurture her sweet babes. Everleigh shared: “You were the only person who encouraged me to talk to my parents. My friends, cousins and boyfriend all wanted me to just have an abortion and be done with it!”

Though her boyfriend was unhappy and still pressuring her to abort the babies, Everleigh confirmed she had made her final decision, it would be hard but she would carry these babies and parent them even as a single parent. Before long, Everleigh gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Julia and a handsome baby boy, James. Shortly after their birth, Eric decided he wanted to be a part of his children’s lives. He and Everleigh have since made arrangements to co-parent their twins and are loving these two precious bundles.