Justin: I want a relationship with both my sons.

14 Apr, 2020


Justin contacted Your Options Medical inquiring about our parenting classes.  Justin had made choices in his past that had resulted in him losing his right to spend time with his young son from a previous relationship.  He had worked hard at getting his life on track since then and was willing to do anything to help him re-establish his character with the hopes of restoring his relationship with his son.  When Justin came to us, he was between jobs so that gave him extra time to take advantage of the free classes.  He came faithfully for a time and even invited his fiancé and infant child along for many of the classes.  Justin was open to hearing about the importance of God in his life and received weekly counsel and prayer from his advocates while attending the classes.  In addition, as a reward for attending the classes, he was able to shop for baby items in our boutique.   Both he and his fiancé commented as to how much the classes were a help to them.  Justin had to put a hold on continuing classes for a time because of a new job, but he hopes to be able to come back again in the future when his schedule allows.  Your support of this ministry allows Dads, like Justin, to build confidence as a Dad and gain important parenting skills that can positively impact the future of his family.