Celebrating Fathers: Empowering Men to Stand Up for Life

14 Jun, 2021


While society tells men to stay out of the conversation pertaining to women’s reproductive health, at Your Options Medical, we acknowledge that fathers have a vital role in the life of their child. And we continue to encourage men to let their voices be heard.  

National Men’s March to End Abortion 

On Saturday, June 12th, 2021, countless men gathered in Washington D.C. to march in support of LIFE. This was the first ever National Men’s March to defend the lives of the pre-born. Despite being told to stay silent, these men stepped up and voiced themselves on the matter and we strongly encourage all men to do the same. 

All men have a place in this conversation and should not allow anyone to tell them otherwise. We are all living human beings, created equal in God’s image. A precious, pre-born baby boy is just as much his father’s son as he is his mother’s. Dads have incredible value in the life of their child and we continue to empower men to take courage and stand up for the pre-born babies and for their future sons and daughters yet to be born.  

Encouraging Fathers Through Parenting Classes and Ultrasound 

While moms and babies are the heart of this ministry, dads hold immense value as well. Women are more likely to choose life for their pre-born baby if the father supports both her and the child. Knowing this, we offer services that cater to both moms and dads alike. Fathers are encouraged to attend the free parenting classes we offer, as well as the ultrasound appointments with their partners.  

With topics ranging from prenatal information and labor and delivery, to single parenting and infant care, our parenting classes provide education that equips fathers with the information and resources they need to make a positive impact on their children. Additionally, we offer two curriculums that are focused specifically on fatherhood. One of the courses discusses topics such as the father’s important role in his child’s life, how unwed parents can get along for the sake of their child, the importance of using proper discipline, being consistent and more.  

Additionally, lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound are offered to women in order to offer them medically accurate information about their pregnancy. We often hear of how seeing their baby on the ultrasound and hearing their heartbeat for the first time affects the mother greatly. While this is true, the fathers that attend these appointments with their partners are often moved as well.  

Hear how our ultrasounds have impacted these first-time fathers: 

“Wow! Look at the baby! That’s amazing!”  

– Ryan G. 

Oh wow! There’s already a heartbeat. That makes it real. We can do this!”  

Daniel B.  

“You all have been so helpful, I am so happy I got to go and see the ultrasound with her. We are having this baby!”  

-Michael W. 

In honor of this Father’s Day, we commend all the wonderful dads out there and we encourage men to stand up and lead others to be a voice for the voiceless. The Lord urges fathers to take His commandments and impress them on the lives of their children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). To have a wonderful, upstanding dad who is present in their children’s lives is a blessing from the Lord and we celebrate all the great dads on this special day! 

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!