Real Stories, Real Life

15 Jul, 2019

Last week, you read about our Mobile Ultrasound Unit. If you missed the blog, read it here.

This week, we would like to share with you a couple stories of women who received services on the Mobile Unit and changed their mind from abortion to life. In these testimonies, while our patients have allowed us to share their stories and pictures, we will be changing their names to protect their identities.

Evelyn’s Story: My Son is the Answer to My Daughter’s Prayer

Evelyn came to Massachusetts in pursuit of her dream job. Life was going just as it should be. She had worked so hard to earn this opportunity to travel and do the work she loved. She was missing her daughter, but knew that this short-term travel for her job would be well worth it so she could provide for their little family.

To her dismay, she was feeling sick. She knew these feelings all too well – pregnancy. Time to take care of business. Being a single mom, she was used to fixing things. After doing research online, she called Your Options Medical and said, “I need a pregnancy test, and if it’s positive, I need an abortion.” She booked an appointment for that day. Since Your Options Medical does not preform abortions, she scheduled that procedure elsewhere for that same week.

After having a positive test, the YOM Staff referred her for ultrasound on the mobile unit. She was in tears – it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Life had been so good. What would her mother say? What would the father of this child say and do? Evelyn decided to have the ultrasound before making a decision, so she delayed the abortion appointment.

At the Mobile Unit during her ultrasound appointment, Evelyn shared with the staff that she realized there was no way she could go through with an abortion. It was just not even possible. It would be wrong. After viewing the ultrasound, she cancelled her abortion appointment, and Evelyn shared that her daughter had been praying for a sibling. Later that year, her beautiful son Isaiah was born!


Charlene’s Story: I Left Planned Parenthood and I Don’t Regret It!

“I thought abortion was my only option. My life was a mess. I found myself sitting in Planned Parenthood waiting for the doctor to come in when a woman came in and told me that I was too far along to take the abortion pill. She said I needed to go back out to the waiting room to wait for a doctor to fit me in for a surgical abortion. I asked how far along I was and if I could see a picture of the ultrasound, but the woman wouldn’t give me any information.

While sitting in the waiting room, I began to notice how sad or mad all the other women looked. It felt depressing, and suddenly, I just wanted to get out of there. The receptionist tried to talk me out of leaving, but I just couldn’t stay there anymore. When I got outside, this older woman came up to me and asked me if I needed any help. I told her that I was frustrated, because I had expected to get an abortion but now didn’t know how far along I was and what was going on. She told me about a medical clinic, Your Options Medical, that provided free ultrasounds and even called them for me to get me an appointment.

I was treated completely different at this medical clinic. Not only was the nurse caring and professional, but she explained everything to me as she did my ultrasound. I learned that I was almost twelve weeks pregnant, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen – my baby was so active! The advocate I met with allowed me to share my situation. She listened without judgement or offering quick solutions but helped me to see that it was possible for me to be a good mother – something I always wanted to be.

My son is the best thing that ever happened to me. While not everything is perfect in my life, he is. I am so glad that I found Your Options and that I got the chance to be a mother.”