Why We Don’t Provide Free Birth Control

22 Jul, 2019


Many of our supporters and friends have inquired about our policy on offering free birth control and contraception to our clients. Your Options Medical’s official policy states:

“Birth control methods other than Natural Family Planning shall not be recommended or prescribed by any representative of the organization.


  1.  Medical personnel shall not prescribe or recommend birth control to any patient.
  2.  If a patient asks for birth control, the patient will be advised that the organization does not prescribe birth control; patient education may proceed on the subject; and the patient will be referred to her physician.”

To summarize, we don’t provide free birth control. Here’s why.

Our Standard of Sexuality

At Your Options Medical, we believe in a Biblical perspective of sexuality which states that sexual intercourse should be practiced within the confines of marriage.

With this standard as the foundation for our practices and procedures, we believe that actively providing individuals with birth control and contraception could encourage or condone sexual activity outside of marriage. While we seek to help every patient receive the care that they need, we believe it’s important to align with this Biblical standard.

In general, our goal at Your Options Medical is to help our patients make healthier choices for their lives. Thus, we encourage abstinence outside of marriage, as it is the number one way to practice “safe sex.” According to the CDC, “Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and pregnancy.”

Consistency with Patients

Though birth control and other forms of contraception can be administered among married individuals to prevent pregnancy, we strive to remain consistent in our standards with each patient.

Since we provide care for a wide range of patients, we have chosen to abstain from providing contraception to any of our patients and instead allow them to seek this portion of their care from their local physician.

Avoiding Abortifacients

In addition, many forms of birth control can act as abortifacients (drugs inducing abortion). As the Your Options Medical staff and board strongly believes in the sanctity of human life, we have chosen to not encourage or participate in the provision of any drugs that might terminate a human life.

For more information on our birth control policy, please feel free to contact us.