Father of the Baby: How Men Impact a Woman’s Choice

03 Jun, 2019


Oftentimes men are told to stay out of the conversation when it comes to women’s reproductive health, rights, and restrictions. However, the fact is that men do have an impact upon the woman’s decision as she chooses between carrying her pregnancy and abortion, whether that be a direct or indirect impact. Many times at Your Options Medical we hear women express their concerns with how a pregnancy will impact their current romantic relationship.

“He doesn’t want to have a kid”

“He will kick me out and want nothing more to do with me”

“He says he will support my decision whatever that may be, but that means I’m making the decision alone”

Men would do well not to just remain silent in these situations. Instead, we encourage the guys to talk through this decision. Express how you feel, your thoughts, your concerns. THEN, just as importantly, sit and listen to her feelings, thoughts, and concerns. Work through this situation together.

Even if you haven’t found yourself in this situation, I encourage you to talk with each other and create a plan for what you would do if you found yourself in this situation. Oftentimes women think the guy will be furious and instead he’s actually thrilled at the idea of being a dad. Other times, women are thrilled and the father is nervous and scared and needs to work through these feelings and process the situation.

At Your Options Medical, we encourage our patients to come to the appointment with their significant other or whoever may be a source of support for them. We welcome guests into the ultrasound appointment as the patient chooses so that the guests can also be educated, ask questions, and address concerns. We know that an unexpected pregnancy affects not only the woman, but also her sources of support and those closest to her.

Guys, we encourage you to talk this through with your significant other. Discuss what your plans would be if you found yourself in this situation. If you do find yourself faced with an unexpected pregnancy, talk it through together and book an appointment with Your Options Medical. We are here to help!


The unexpected isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s exactly what we needed to grow stronger together.