I was a Teen Mom

06 May, 2019


I was Catholic. I was in high school. I was on my way to becoming a nurse.

I was pregnant.

I was smart. I knew the risk of getting pregnant, but being young and unwise, I made some decisions. I regret those decisions, but I now see how God has turned these ashes into beauty. The relationship may have been a mistake. Having sex before I was married was certainly a mistake. However, my daughter is no mistake. She has given me great purpose and caused me to push myself.

I heard all the messages in school about the dangers of STDs and the risks of becoming pregnant. I participated in all the sex-ed classes.

But no one really talked about the emotional impact premarital sex has upon us and our futures. No one talked about what it looks like to be in a healthy relationship. Growing up in a broken home, this was all I knew – brokenness.

Anyway, so I became pregnant. Having grown up with a Catholic background, I knew abortion was not even an option. I knew abortion was wrong, but I was still scared and in need of support.

That’s when I found Your Options Medical. They gave me parenting classes and material goods in addition to helping me get connected with a Christian mentoring group. Your Options also offered me a class on healthy relationships specifically for women explaining the importance of boundaries, the purpose of marriage, and so much more. They also encouraged me to get connected to a church, which I did.

I did graduate high school. I have a beautiful daughter. I am striving to do better in living a life that honors God. I still have struggles, but I can see how God has greatly blessed me through this process.

Thank you to all who support this organization. It has changed my life.