The Ripple Effects of Abortion

21 Oct, 2019


Abortion. Such a small word with incredible impact. Saying this short word has the power to silence a room full of people. This word has the power to divide families and tear apart what were once deep friendships. Practicing it has the power to wipe out generations. I should know– one third (over 33%) of my generation is missing because of abortion. Abortion. Such a small word, but its effects are widespread.

When a woman decides to abort her child, the baby not only loses his life but the mother becomes enslaved to the guilt, shame, and regret that this decision inflicts. Grandparents are robbed of a beautiful grandchild. Aunt and uncles are cheated of the opportunity to love and support their niece or nephew. Friends are denied the chance to walk alongside their friend through this parenting journey. Brothers and sisters are not granted the opportunity to welcome another child to their family.

Abortion. Such a small word, but many have been affected by it. Many have lost family members through abortion.  You are not alone. Though you may have had no say in the decision (or even if you did), you have every right to grieve this life lost. You have every reason to miss this person.

Not only is there hope, healing and forgiveness for the one who made the decision to have an abortion, but there is also hope and healing to be found for those directly and/or indirectly effected by abortion. If you or someone you know if looking for help in finding hope, contact us today for help.

You are not alone. You have a right to grieve.

There IS hope.