Parenting Classes: Fatherhood Series

30 Sep, 2019


As we strive to serve women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies, Your Options provides patients with the opportunity to take our free parenting classes. These classes cover a wide range of topics such as fetal development, tips to help prepare for baby’s homecoming, infant care, safety information, and more.

One of the courses is designed specifically for fathers. The course discusses topics such as the father’s important role in his child’s life, how unwed parents can get along for the sake of their child, the importance of using proper discipline, being consistent, and more.

What to Expect

Fathers who have taken these courses have expressed gratitude and appreciation for all they have learned. Sometimes initially, the dads are less than enthusiastic about taking the course. However, once they get a couple lessons in, they are excited about what they have learned. Clients have shared that this course has truly impacted their relationships with their children in such a positive way by teaching them how to be strong, consistent leaders.

Each class is set up to have one client advocate per client. This one-on-one format offers men a time to be more open as they discuss some hard topics. The advocate works alongside the father as a mentor to help answer questions and provide encouragement.

Helping Restore Homes

These classes have helped equip men to be better dads and, overall, better men. A father plays such a vital role in his child’s life, and at Your Options, we seek to empower men to be strong leaders in their families for the sake of their families. We are not only seeing lives saved and hearts changed, but we get to see families restored and strengthened.

If you know someone who might benefit from our classes, encourage them to contact us today!