Rape & Choosing Life

01 Oct, 2019


As previously mentioned, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Here at Your Options Medical we are striving to shed light on domestic violence and spread awareness of this growing issue. Check out our previous blog on this subject.

We know that often times, pro-abortionists will use the argument that abortion should be legal in the cases of rape and violence victims. However, studies show that only a small percentage of women who become pregnant as a result of violence actually want to have an abortion. More often, women who have been victims of violence decide to keep their babies to raise on their own or they decide to place their child for adoption depending on their life’s circumstances. These stories beautifully display God’s redemptive power taking the worst of situations and bringing about beauty. Cases of rape and domestic violence are heartbreaking, but the child is never to blame and should not be punished with the death penalty because of the crimes of the father. Here we want to share with you some stories of women who were raped and chose life and individuals who were conceived in rape, yet their mothers chose life!

Louise’s Story: Pregnant After Rape, Louise Chose Life and Never Looked Back

-Jennifer’s Story: Brutally Attacked on a Business Trip, She Choose Life

-Ryan’s Story: Conceived in Rape, Now Stands in the Fight for Life

-Rebecca’s Story: Conceived in Rape, She Feels She Went “From Worthless to Priceless”


There is a myth that the child conceived through abuse and violence is an unwanted child. THIS is a MYTH! Every child is wanted and loved by Almighty God, every child deserves the chance at life and every mother who has been abused can find healing and restoration in Christ!