How Can My Church Get Involved

12 Aug, 2019


If you are passionate about supporting this ministry, but you are not quite sure how to help, keep reading. This blog post is for you! There are many opportunities for individuals to get involved and make an impact for this mission. If you are looking to get your church, work or organization involved, here are a few ways to volunteer:

  1. FUNDRAISING: Monetary fundraising is always needed for nonprofits like Your Options Medical! There are so many ways to do this! You can host a baby bottle fundraising campaign, take a quarterly offering, add a donation for Your Options Medical to your Missions Fund.
  1. HOST A BABY SHOWER: Perhaps your ladies group would like to host a baby shower for one of our expectant moms. Many of our patients do not have family support and therefore do not have the opportunity to celebrate their babies. You and your friends could collect some material baby items, make some snacks and show a woman in need that she and her baby are loved and valued even by people who have never met them.
  1. PRAYER: If you are a prayer warrior who would like to intercede on behalf of our patients, staff, board and overall organization, you can sign up to be on our prayer chain. We need your prayers through this spiritual battle.
  1. COLLECT DIAPERS & WIPES: Pick a month to ask your congregation to collect diapers and wipes for women and couples in need. Let us know what month has been chosen, and we will give you some flyers to spread awareness of the diapers and wipes collection drive.
  1. VOLUNTEER: We are always looking for on-call individuals who are willing to volunteer on an as-needed basis. We can use help with things like event planning, painting, carpentry, graphic design, cleaning, mailings, etc. Whatever the talents, we can always use another helping hand.

Our staff are willing to work with you and your church to book a time for one of our staff to come and share about the work of Your Options Medical in your church or parish. We are happy to meet with leaders and answer questions. Or, do you want to book a tour of one of our offices or the mobile unit? We would be happy to set that up as well!

There are so many ways to get involved: contact us today!