Post-Abortion Support

28 Jan, 2019


Your Options Medical provides several services to our patients. One of these services includes post-abortion support groups. We know that abortion hurts women, harms men, and destroys families. However, we also know that no sin is unforgivable or beyond the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we offer those who have experienced a previous abortion to participate in these post-abortion support groups to find healing. If you or someone you know has been involved in a past abortion, please contact Your Options Medical and ask about the post-abortion support groups.

These support groups are offered in a small group setting with facilitators who have experienced an abortion themselves. Since the coordinator of the group has first-hand experience, she is able to share her abortion testimony and the forgiveness and healing she has experienced in God. We have seen how this puts participants at ease and allows them to open up to the group about their experience. However, every individual is different and the healing process is not always the same. Participants are encouraged to be open and willing to talk with the group, but no one is ever forced to share if they are not comfortable in doing so. Our post-abortion support groups are a safe place.

Participants walk together through a Bible Study that has been designed to help bring healing. The topics discussed generally include:

1) The previous abortion experience

2) Anger

3) Forgiveness

4) Denial

5) What God Says

These topics are designed to help participants discover whether their abortion lies at the root of current personal struggles or difficulties. Once the problem is recognized, forgiveness and healing can begin as closure has started. Some people enter the course thinking they have already recovered from their previous abortion, but may find there is more to work through. God always uses these experience for good and for His glory.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a previous abortion, contact Your Options Medical. All information is kept strictly confidential. At Your Options, we also offer a Post-Abortion Workshop for Pastors. This workshop is designed to help pastors gain greater understanding of post-abortion stress syndrome in order to better minister to those who have been affected by abortion. For more information, check out our website or contact Your Options today. Abortion is harmful, but not unforgivable. Reach out for help towards healing today!