Post-Abortion Workshop for Pastors

At Your Options Medical, the truth is revealed: abortion hurts women and destroys families. However, there is hope in knowing that God forgives and redeems. 

 Since we know that 70% of women who have had an abortion are Christians, we also know that women who have had an abortion are sitting within our church walls. For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive workshop to help pastors gain a greater understanding of abortion and it’s effects on women. The objective of the Post-Abortion Pastor’s training is to obtain greater knowledge of the development of Post-Abortion Stress Disorder. Our hope is that with a better understanding will also come the ability to better minister to those men and women in your congregation who are still hurting from a past abortion.


Pastors will gain understanding of the following topics:

  • Mindset of women contemplating abortion
  • Development of PASS (Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome) 
  • Definition of PASS
  • Defense Mechanism
  • PASS Symptoms
  • Atonement Baby Syndrome
  • Understanding “the secret”.
  • How to speak about it from the pulpit (mercy & forgiveness, mindfulness of your congregation).
  • Dialogue (how do you play my role in meeting post-abortive women).
  • How to be part of the healing process without completely owning it.

If you have questions, would like to learn more about this workshop or would like to sign up for the workshop, please Contact Us Today! In your message, please include a comment regarding your interest in this workshop. Together, we can help women and men heal from past abortions.