Terry: Homeless & Escaping Abuse, How Can I Have a Baby Now?

10 Apr, 2020

Terry came to Your Options Medical after having visited a local emergency room with stomach pain. She had been told she was 6 weeks pregnant. Being taken completely by surprise, Terry decided she needed to have an abortion. She was living in a shelter with her four year-old daughter after having escaped an abusive boyfriend. The father of the child she was now carrying was already in another relationship before he met Terry and was expecting his third child. Terry just knew she could not have a baby right now.

During her appointment, Terry received an ultrasound and options counseling. Your Options’ staff encouraged Terry to take her time and consider all the information she had received while reassuring her this was not a journey she had to take alone. Your Options would be there for her. The nurse answered her many questions and Terry left feeling uncertain of what to do.

Terry agreed that the staff could follow up with phone calls to check in and see how she was doing. After several calls, Terry shared that she had decided to keep the baby. She was trying to get back on her feet, but uncertain of how she would be able to purchase all the items needed for a newborn. Your Options’ staff and volunteers got together and decided they would help Terry by hosting a baby shower for her. When she heard the news, Terry was moved to tears by this great act of kindness. She could not believe how gracious and generous all these ladies were. They barely knew her and yet they were keeping their promise of walking alongside her through this very uncertain journey.

Terry gave birth to a handsome baby boy, August. They are doing well and she is slowly getting back on her feet with her sweet family. This May, Terry will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a Mama of two!