Isabel: Pregnant in High School, How Can I Have a Baby?

10 Apr, 2020

Isabel was a high school senior when she learned that she was pregnant. “No way am I having a baby,” she said. “I am way too young.” Both Isabel and the baby’s father were afraid of how their parents would react and thought just having an abortion without telling them was the best thing to do. However, when Isabel had her ultrasound, she started to cry. She told her nurse that she was raised Catholic and knew abortion was wrong. And now that she had seen her baby, she could not go through with it. 

Isabel came back for a second appointment with us, this time accompanied by her mother. Both families ended up embracing this young couple to support them in being parents. Their baby boy, Josian, was born in March of this year. A few months later, her advocate delivered a Welcome Baby Gift to her home and was greeted by a very proud, new mother. Isabel thanked her for helping her make the right choice: “I just love my baby so much and cannot imagine my life without him in it.”