Virtual Day of Giving

Theme: Giving in Faith: We Give, He Multiplies
Date: Sep 12th 2020
Time: Available for viewing at 10 a.m.
Place: YouTube Livestream
Speaker: Various Speakers
Ticket Cost: Free Admission
Goal for Funds to Raise: $60,000

Tune in with us online as we celebrate Your Options Medical and learn about how you can help us continue to make a difference!

Location: YouTube Livestream


Here at Your Options, we firmly believe God is at work and doing incredible things in and through our ministry. And you, as our donors, have played a huge part in this as well! Without your generosity, we would not be where we are today. 
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 health regulations, we were unable to have our annual Mother’s Day - Father’s Day Baby Bottle Campaign and sadly had to cancel our Courageous Love Fundraising Brunch as well. Without these fundraisers that we normally have each year, we have found ourselves in a tight spot financially, missing out on nearly $60,000. 
While many people have started to work from home since the start of this pandemic, here at Your Options Medical, we are still taking calls, still seeing patients in person and they need us now more than ever. 
On Saturday, September 12th 2020, we will be hosting a Virtual Day of Giving, where you will be able to tune in to our YouTube Livestream, learn about the amazing things God has been doing through our ministry and about how you can help us continue to make a difference. 

When it comes to donations, any amount at all helps us immensely. We know that whatever amount we are able to give, God can take that and multiply it to feed the thousands. Take the young boy in John 6. Andrew says to Jesus, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” (v 8-9).
How far? When the amount seems small to us, it’s hard to imagine how far it can reach. But we know that Jesus took the small amount of food that the boy was willing to give and He multiplied that by thousands, to the point where there were even twelve baskets of leftovers after the five thousand had already eaten! 
That boy didn’t have much to give, but he gave in faith -- and got to witness the amazing miracle of God. So, when we say that any amount at all - small or large - helps us immensely, we truly mean it. 

Please help us reach our goal to raise $60,000 to help mothers and families in need:

Tune in with us September 12, 2020 for our first Virtual Day of Giving!

Please note that the event recording will be posted on our Facebook page at 10 a.m. 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. However, the recording will be available for viewing on YouTube any time after 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 12th. Have a friend who wasn't able to watch the day of the event? Send them the link to watch at their convenience so they can take part.



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