Justin: I want a relationship with both my sons.

14 Apr, 2020

Justin contacted Your Options Medical inquiring about our parenting classes.  Justin had made choices in his past that had resulted in him losing his right to spend time with his young son from a previous relationship.  He had worked hard at getting his life on track since then and was...

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Parenting Classes: Fatherhood Series

30 Sep, 2019

As we strive to serve women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies, Your Options provides patients with the opportunity to take our free parenting classes. These classes cover a wide range of topics such as fetal development, tips to help prepare for baby’s homecoming, infant care, safety information, and more. One...

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My Encounter with a Teen Dad

10 Jun, 2019

Today, I want to share with you a story that inspired me. This encounter energized me and reminded me that even the most unexpected occurrence in life can bring out the best in us. The unplanned shows us what we are truly made of, from a stressful situation on the...

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Father of the Baby: How Men Impact a Woman’s Choice

03 Jun, 2019

Oftentimes men are told to stay out of the conversation when it comes to women’s reproductive health, rights, and restrictions. However, the fact is that men do have an impact upon the woman’s decision as she chooses between carrying her pregnancy and abortion, whether that be a direct or indirect...

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