Jessica and Ben: The Importance of Ultrasound

10 Apr, 2020

Jessica and Ben were shocked when they found out they were expecting another child. As a married couple, they were using birth control and were not planning on having any more children. “We always wanted two children,” they said, “and we have our boy and our girl and we are happy with that.” Jessica didn’t expect to struggle so much with their decision to have an abortion and was very depressed to be in this situation. After viewing their first ultrasound, the couple stated that they were “sad,” but felt that they should just go through with the abortion. 

During a phone call with the advocate a few days after the ultrasound, Jessica asked if they could come back to have a second ultrasound. “I just can’t make up my mind,” she said. “My heart tells me to have this baby, but my head tells me to go through with the abortion.” During the second ultrasound, the couple could not believe that their baby’s heart was beating so strongly. “It became our baby as soon as I saw that strong heartbeat.” The couple had their second daughter, Maiyalee, in May.