Lucy: I Am Not Alone, There is Hope!

10 Apr, 2020

Lucy came to Your Options Medical feeling discouraged and defeated. She is new to this country and has a four year old son. After finding out she was pregnant, she knew she had no option but to get an abortion. She was separated from the father and felt so alone.  Her cousin, Juan accompanied her to translate.  She only spoke Spanish and understood very little English. When Lucy found out the nurse she would meet with spoke Spanish, she was delighted and her stress level lowered dramatically!

Lucy thought she was only six or seven weeks pregnant and was planning to take the abortion pill. During the ultrasound, Lucy saw a healthy 13 week old baby moving and sucking his thumb! She was surprised she was so far along, however, she still felt like she could not have a baby now. She felt trapped by the thought that she needed an abortion.

When a nurse called to follow up with this patient, she was adamant about needing to get an abortion. She had already made plans to go and get an abortion. The nurse she spoke with was heartbroken for this Mama. She prayed that God would use her to minister to Lucy and speak the truth in love. She called the Spanish-speaking Advocate and asked that she call Lucy as well to show her how much we at Your Options care. Lucy was so encouraged by the conversation she had with the advocate.

Two weeks later, Lucy called to say that she was going to keep her baby! That she realized she was not alone and that there were resources and people who cared about her situation. She stated that she was grateful for our help and information we provided, but especially for our concern and prayers!