Reilly: I took the pill…but I’ve changed my mind!

16 Feb, 2021

Reilly is pregnant with no idea how this could have happened. She has been using birth control and trying to be super careful not to get pregnant and yet, it has happened. She takes a pregnancy test and it says the word she is dreading: “Pregnant.” Alone, scared, and fearing she will be kicked out of her home, Reilly calls the abortion clinic who is happy to provide the abortion pills, for a fee of almost $800 of course. “I can’t be a parent. I am so sorry, my sweet babies. But I just can’t do this. I can’t bring you into this messed up world in the middle of the pandemic!” She swallows the firsts pill and heads for home.

Reilly’s mind keeps going back to that ultrasound she had – TWINS. “I’ve always wanted twins,” she thinks to herself. “But once the time is right and not when there is a worldwide pandemic. I just can’t do this! I’m so sorry, my sweet babies.” As tears roll down her cheeks, regret overwhelms her heart. Reilly decides to check and see if there is ANY possible way to stop this! She contacts a friend who puts her in touch with Your Options Medical.

After our doctor was able to prescribe the reversal, Reilly rushes to pick it up and administer her prescription. Several weeks later, she is happy to report that both her and her babies are healthy and developing as expected. “I am forever grateful that Your Options was there for me and helped me reverse the worst decision of my life. Thank you!”

YOUR donation made sure we were available to serve Reilly and get her the vital medical services she needed in order to successfully reverse her abortion and carry her beautiful twins, Adam and Anna. Thank you for saving lives!