Gianna: Can I Still Have My Dream Life?

09 Apr, 2020

Gianna came to Your Options Medical as many of our patients do: scared and over-whelmed by the thought of possibly being pregnant. She is approaching 30, is a single mom and working hard to build the best life she can for her and her daughter.
At the time of her appointment, Gianna shares that she is a Christian and is really struggling. She is considering an abortion because she can see no other way. She’s been in an unstable relationship and isn’t sure who the father of this baby actually is. The pregnancy test came back positive and an ultrasound was performed which revealed a very young baby and the nurse recommended a repeat ultrasound. Gianna received options counseling and agreed to come back for another ultrasound.
During the second ultrasound, Gianna shared that she felt “less conflicted about the pregnancy”. When she saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound she knew there was no decision to make: she would parent this child. Though the father was pressuring her to abort, she stated her mind was clearly made up and she had other support. There was no way she could go through with an abortion after seeing her babe’s heartbeat.
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