Strategy & Vision

Our Plan

Experts agree that if the traditional pregnancy resource centers do not adjust their strategic plans to meet the needs of today’s client, their impact and effectiveness will greatly diminish. The leaders of Your Options recognize the importance of remaining relevant in today’s culture and created a strategic plan to remain competitive in the fight for life and legacy.

The first phase of our strategic plan implementation was to transform the way we market our services to today’s prospective clients.  We recently launched a rebranding campaign which included adding a d.b.a. Learn Your Options Medical Centers to our incorporated A Woman’s Concern, Inc. Our new logo, new name, and new color scheme offer a contemporary look that is more appealing to today’s client.  Furthermore, unlike years ago when clients found us via the Yellow Pages, in today’s culture, the potential client is completely internet-focused.  Therefore, we have launched an aggressive web-based marketing campaign.

To remain competitive we also need to supplement the way we offer and provide our services to women and couples.  In addition to our three fixed locations, we deployed an ICU mobile medical clinic in July 2015.  This allows us to go to women and couples in need of our services; that mobility offers a flexible geographical position and the ability to meet abortion-minded clients within their decision-making timeframe.

Whether a fixed location or a mobile clinic, our purpose is to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information, and free services that empower women and couples to make well-informed, life-affirming decisions regarding their unexpected pregnancy.