Your Options Medical offers free services to women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our funding comes solely through individuals, churches, and foundations who support our mission. We do not receive any government funding nor do we accept health insurance.

The annual budget to operate four centers and the mobile medical clinic is $560,000. Our costs include rent and utilities for 4 centers, advertising to attract patients to our centers, staffing to provide both medical and non-medical services, insurance coverage, and medical and office supplies. Every dollar received is well spent and we strive to make the wisest decisions possible with our spending. Your trust is important to us.

We receive an annual outside audit to ensure accountability and our Annual Form 990 is always available for viewing.

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Form 990

Consistent cash flow from monthly donors ensures our centers are adequately staffed and life-honoring services are effectively advertised. If you are interested in partnering with us on a monthly basis or increasing your current monthly gift, please click the Donate button below.


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