Baby Bottle Fundraiser

Baby Bottle Fundraiser is a perfect way to partner with our local churches and schools. Church members/Students fill baby bottle banks with coins, cash, and/or checks in order to support the life-honoring work of Your Options Medical.  We provide the banks for your church or school to distribute. Campaigns generally last 3-4 weeks – after most people have returned their bottle banks; we collect and count them and provide you with a grand total.  Generally the total of all Baby Bottle Fundraisers in a year equals close to 15% of our donations.  Large strides can be made with many small steps!

We generally offer 5 campaigns throughout the year, but we can work with you if a different time of year works for you.

Sanctity of Human Life (January) – The anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Mother’s Day – Father’s Day – to celebrate the parents who chose life

Respect Life – October