Black History Month and Abortion

08 Feb, 2018

Back in October 2015, current U.S Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, made an assertion connecting the arguments for abortion to the past arguments made for slavery. As expected, he received a good amount of negative comments from individuals who are pro-choice. However, was his assertion really that...

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Love at First Sight

01 Feb, 2018

Do you believe in love at first sight? I know, I know it sounds somewhat cheesy. Love at first sight…I mean, how can you choose to love someone at the very first moment your eyes have beheld said person? How can one just instantly know that they will put this...

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 The Sanctity of Human Life

30 Jan, 2018

At Your Options Medical, we believe that all human beings are created equal by God in His image, thus solidifying the sanctity of human life. This means that every human being, from conception to natural death, has undeniable worth and importance. Regardless of whether he is a premature baby, has...

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

15 Jan, 2018

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday; established by in January of 1984 by late U.S. president Richard Nixon. It is the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the passing of the court case Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in America. This is one day a year meant for us to...

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Abortion: Everyone’s Issue

02 Jan, 2018

A couple days ago, I was at a forum on my college campus where some of the club leaders were debriefing current events and news regarding their particular club. Each time the president of a club went up to the stage, the numerous Student Government representatives would ask them a...

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Adoption Was My Life Saver

09 Nov, 2017

I was pregnant at 16, a sophomore in high school. My mom was raising me on her own, working as hard as she could to put food on the table. I had just ended an abusive relationship, filled with cheating and manipulation. I took the last $10 my mother had...

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Domestic Violence and Abortion

09 Oct, 2017

Every day, countless of women are subjected to horrible abuse and rendered victims of domestic violence. In many cases, a woman might find herself experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with her abuser. In this particular situation, horror, trepidation and the feeling as though you are at an impasse take prevalence. If...

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